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National Standards

Life Science

As a result of activities in grades K-4, all students should develop understanding of

1. The characteristics of organisms
Life cycles of organisms
3. Organisms and environments

As a result of their activities in grades 5-8, all students should develop understanding of

1. Structure and function in living systems
2. Reproduction and heredity
3. Regulation and behavior
4. Populations and ecosystems
5.Diversity and adaptations of organisms

As a result of their activities in grades 9-12, all students should develop understanding of

1. The cell
Molecular basis of heredity
Biological evolution
Interdependence of organisms
Matter, energy, and organization in living systems
Behavior of organisms

Columbus, Ohio Zoo

Columbus, Ohio Zoo

Radiated Turtle
Columbu, Ohio Zoo

Grizzly Bear
Columbus, Ohio Zoo

Humboldt Penguin
Columbus, Ohio Zoo

Zoo Treks

Travel the world on a virtual zoological field trip from the Serengeti Plains to the Amazon Jungle or the frozen tundra of the arctic to the rain forests of the tropics. Enter the world of online zoos and experience all sorts of multimedia presentations such as animal cams, movie clips, games, beautiful photographs, and interactive learning modules. Watch the hatching of a kookaburra at the Woodlands Zoo, delight in the antics of polar bears bobbing for pumpkins in San Diego, and discover loads of facts about animal habitats from all of the zoo sites. This treasure trove of educational information will captivate kids for hours.

Austin Zoo

Meet the animals in the zoo by clicking on the photo images in the gallery. Select an animal from the list to learn about its life span, size, and diet. Featured on the front page is news about how you can support the zoo by sponsoring an animal or volunteering.

Birmingham Zoo

Listen to the New Birmingham Zoo Audio Tour! Read about the Birmingham Zoo's conservation efforts. Several zoo activities aligned to standards are available under the Education section.

Columbus, Ohio Zoo

Head straight for Animal Tracks. There is a Teacher Edition that requires a login and a Student Edition that does not. Students can Ask Jack Hanna a question, explore all sorts of interesting facts about animals, including video clips, see the new arrivals, and view a list of all of the animals at the zoo. The interactive nature of this site will keep students engaged.

Lincoln Children’s Zoo and Botanical Gardens

Critter cam features different animals while zoo tube presents videos on a variety of animals. Ask the Zoo Keeper a question or visit the blog for information. The site includes fun facts about the animals. In addition, the animal’s diet, enemies, and animal classification are furnished. Interesting information is included about many of the zoo’s animals along with color photographs.

Minnesota Zoo

Take a virtual tour of the Minnesota Zoo to learn about the animals that can be seen on the zoo’s six trails.The A-Z animal index provides photographs and information on the many animals organized by their native habitats. Animal cams such as the dolphin and gibbon allow for real time viewing from anywhere. There are interactive games to assist students in learning about animals through problem solving, including WolfQuest and the Zoo Scavenger Hunt.

The National Zoo, Washington DC

Smithsonian National Zoological Park’s Website, also called the National Zoo, greets visitors with the latest zoo news and information regarding animals and happenings at the zoo. Selecting from the photographs of animals provides information about the animals and offers ideas and activities for further study. There are live animal cams and an area called think tank that studies the behaviors of animals to determine what is instinct and what is thinking.

NC Zoo

Browse the site for a favorite animal and learn about its characteristics, diet, reproduction, environmental connections, and what you can do to protect these animals. Download a field guide for further study. There is a great section on their conservation program at home and abroad. Click on the Photo Gallery to view a movie about the North Carolina zoo and read the latest news or subscribe to their RSS feed.

Oakland, California Zoo

The Oakland Zoo has organized their site by classifying animals and listing the animals alphabetically and also by geographic location. Audio and videos are available to learn interesting facts about animals such as their hunting habits, habitats, and folklore surrounding them. Information about conservation efforts at Oakland and around the world lists the many projects that zoos support.

Oregon Zoo

The goal of the Oregon Zoo is not only to provide facts about their animals but to educate the public about conservation and how to protect the animals in the wild. This site explores how the zoo provides stimulating environments for the animals full of behavioral opportunities similar to what animals would have in the wild. Kid Zone includes animal fact sheets, a behind the scenes tour of the zoo, interactive games and puzzles and sending an e-card. The photo gallery of baby animals and their mothers is not to be missed.

San Diego Zoo

Begin your adventure at San Diego Zoo video library. Each clip is accompanied with information and interesting facts. Fabulous shots of a baby black rhinoceros playing and investigating his new surroundings, a pair of warthogs being bottle fed, and the debut of a 3-week-old giraffe are mesmerizing to watch. Next stop is Kids Territory where you will find games, science experiments, animal crafts, and recipes. To round out your visit go to Animal Bytes for fun facts, photos, sound clips, and video about hundreds of animals from around the globe.

The Saint Louis Zoo

View this site for some interesting facts and beautiful photos of animals. Learn do it yourself conservation to help preserve animals and their habitats. The animal updates include all births, dates, time, and names given to the newborns at the zoo as well as birth statistics such as weight, length, and sex of the newborn animals. Join them on Twitter and Facebook.

The Toledo Zoo

View animals virtually at the Toledo Zoo. Besides the animal cams, the Toledo Website provides animal fact pages that include informational video clips narrated by an animal expert. These spotlight an animal in action. The Web cams videos provide vivid images of animals in captivity. The Toledo Zoo also offers virtual field trips to schools and educators through video conferencing.

Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle, Washington

Get the zoo in the palm of your hand! Woodland Park Zoo is now available on your Apple iPhone! Learn more about animals with animal fact sheets, view video, and get important visitor information for your next visit. Animal fact sheets are included for many of the zoo’s inhabitants. Questions about the animals encourage viewers to search for answers. Check the site frequently for featured video clips. They are also on Twitter and Facebook.

Zoo Cams

Watching zoo animals via remote cameras can be an entertaining experience depending on the position of the camera and the animal. Some of the zoo cams take still photos and refresh every 20 – 30 seconds while others show real time action. Those that are most engaging allow the user to control the camera’s movement, including zooming in and out. Imagine gazing at a Gibbon swinging from rope to rope. Pandas, polar bears, and elephants appear to be the most popular choices for zoo cams, but a number of other animals are also represented.

National Zoo

Asian Small-clawed Otter Cam
Clouded Leopard Cam (DC)

Elephant Cam
Fishing Cat Cam
Lion Cam
Naked Mole-Rat Cam
Orangutan Cam
Panda Cams

San Diego Zoo

Giant Panda
Polar Bear


Toledo Zoo

Polar Bear

Zoo Atlanta


Amur Tiger
Columbus, Ohio Zoo

Asian Elephant
Columbus, Ohio Zoo

Pink Flamingos
Columbus, Ohio Zoo

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