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Everyday Artifacts

Everyday Artifacts

Everyday Artifacts Learning Adventure

Critical thinking skills will be used to introduce students to primary sources. You will also meet some of the curators from the Library of Congress as they describe artifacts from the collections. Join us in a magical Adventure Through History.


Introduction to Primary Sources Lesson

"No subject in the curriculum is affected more by the growth of the Internet than social studies." - Risinger

Websites such as the Library of Congress American Memory Project, National Archives, and Memorial Hall are three examples that provide primary sources and activities related to many of the grade-level indicators in the social studies standards. These resources include drawings, photos, maps, and sound recordings that can be used by younger students to help them understand earlier times. Older students may be interested in letters, documents, patent applications, newspaper accounts and other first-hand information about historical events. Students may also take virtual tours of museums where they can see artifacts from the past.


Originally Published Sep/Oct 2006

Updated December 26, 2008
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