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D.B. Johnson
The site of Thoreau's Cabin
Pictured: D.B. Johnson, Author of Henry Builds a Cabin

Henry's Cabin

Roland Robbins, an archaeologist, discovered the site of Henry David Thoreu's cabin in 1945, exactly 100 years after Thoreau moved into it at Walden Pond. Thoreau's writings in Walden were so detailed that the cabin is being replicated today using the same materials, tools, and methods that were used in 1845. The replica construction at the Thoreau Institute at Walden Woods is being documented by the Smithsonian Institution.

Another replica is maintained at Walden Pond State Reservation as a place for visitors to view the inside and outside of the cabin in which Thoreau lived. You can even purchase a blueprint and build the cabin yourself.

How to Build Henry's Cabin Game
Henry's Materials & Cost
Interior and Exterior of Cabin

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