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M&M's: In the Bag Graphing Activity
Picture from the M&M's Studios Publicity Department
1. Open a bag of M&M's.
2. Count the number of each color.
3. Enter the numbers in the corresponding boxes below.

If you areusing Firefox, you will need to change the values below and then click the reload button to see a new graph. This is not compatible with Internet Explorer.

4. Find the percentage of each color per bag. Divide the number of each color by the total number of M&M's in the bag then multiply the quotient by 100. Use the calculator at the bottom of this page to check your work. Create a circle graph illustrating the percentage of colors in the bag of M&M's.

5. Go to the M&M's Website and Learn about their history.

Graph Title:
Graph Legend:



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Updated December 9, 2008
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