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CyberBee received the I Love Free Software Award in June, 2015.

I Love Free Software

Be sure to explore the entire Cyberbee site, including the Gallery of photographs featuring the National Parks and over 150 Edison Cylinder Recordings.

Movie Making

Use this guide to organize and shoot a movie. Included are production staff, film terms, sound tips, and camera shots.

Online Science Videos and Lessons For K-8. Try it for free. Lessons are aligned with NSTA. All lessons and resources are free. Video subscriptions are an extra cost

Election Lessons

Cyberbee Poster

Print this mini poster on (legal size ) paper. Discover lessons, ideas, and tips This poster provides iloads of ideas and technology tips.



Find teacher resources at Copyright with Cyberbee. Use the interactive tool to teach students the basics.

Cool Weather Destinations
Cool Weather Destinations
Weather Forecast and Information

Download Cyberbee Stickers
This collection of icons is formatted so you can print them on label paper.

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Cyberbee Update
Primary Sources
Podcasts for Kids
Read Write Think
Utah Education Network
Ben's Guide


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