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Photo Analysis Guide

This is the photo analysis guide from Bill Tally's workshop at the NDL Educators Institute (American Memory Fellows) held in Washington, D.C., July 28 - August 1, 1997. The Institute was sponsored by the Library of Congress and a grant provided by the Kellogg Foundation. The photo used for this workshop is from Touring Turn-of-the-Century America: Photographs from the Detroit Publishing Company, 1880-1920.

Close of a Career in New York
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Describe exactly what you see in the photo
  • What people and objects are shown?
  • How are they arranged?
  • What is the physical setting?
  • What other details can you see?
Summarize what you already know about
the situation and time period shown,
and the people and objects that appear.
Say what you conclude from what you see.
  • What's going on in the picture?
  • Who are the people & what are they doing?
  • What might be the function of the objects?
  • What can we conclude about the time period?
Further Research What questions has the photo raised? What are some sources I can use to find answers?

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