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Manifest Destiny

Social Studies and Language Arts

This activity would serve as research-based report writing that could be accomplished within the Language Arts and Social Studies classrooms. The Social Studies teacher would create a rubric that would evaluate knowledge of the content based on the writing. The Language Arts teacher would create a rubric that would evaluate student success in reading and comprehending primary sources and for evaluating writing. Microsoft Word and Web Sites containing primary sources would serve as the technology tools.

What impact did broadsides like these have on the American West during the 1800s?

Click on the picture to link

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Gold mines of California!!

Rochester Daily Advertiser Print. [1845]

Millions of acres. Iowa and Nebraska

Buffalo. N. Y. Commercial advertiser printing house [1872]

The Library of Congress
An American Time Capsule: Three Centuries of Broadsides and Other Ephemera


Nebraska Land Sale

Land Advertising

Exodusters - Benjamin Singleton printed handbills to attract black settlers to Kansas

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